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The Essentail Boulder Farmer’s Market Shopping List

As much we love to pride ourselves on Boulder’s lively and bustling nightlife, you won’t be disappointed while taking a daytime stroll through our city. Now that Boulder Farmers Markets have opened back up again, you once again have the chance to choose your locally grown fruits, vegetables, poultry and much more. If you’re wondering what your Saturday morning plans are going to be, look no further! 

An abundance of produce can leave you wanting it all, so we’ve saved you some time and simplified your shopping list with Farmer’s Market essentials that’ll add a perfect seasonal kick to your summer meals!

Know Your Seasonal Fruits 

Summer is the best time for indulging in Farmer’s Market produce as it’s also the season when fruits and vegetables grow the most. Warm months mean more sun and more sun means the availability of the largest fruits and vegetables variety. Some of summer’s finest fruits include blackberries, blueberries, cucumbers, peaches, tomatoes, and many more!

Tomatoes and cucumbers are two key ingredients for salads and with your pick from Boulder’s juiciest crop, your salad will be just as good as dessert!

Conveniently, it just so happens that summer calls for more time sippin’ drinks on the patio. 

Watermelon is another Boulder summer favorite and will make for a refreshing addition to your drink, whether it’s a margarita, cocktail or simply a morning juice.  

Here are some thirst-quenching watermelon drink recipes to inspire you!


Honey is just as sweet as summer! Not only does locally made honey help the environment, but it’s also packed with health benefits. Unlike industrialized honey, raw honey keeps its healing properties and can help with seasonal allergies and cold. So instead of sugar, try adding a teaspoon of honey in your tea for a more fresh start to your day.


Too many ingredients in our home come from grocery stores where food is highly processed and made with hormones, which have negative effects on your health. Buying your chicken and/or eggs that are locally grown in Boulder from a Farmer’s Market is not only beneficial to your health but also supports local Boulder farmer families who are selling their poultry in a highly competitive market. Farmers go through great lengths to keep their food as nutritious as possible for you and you won’t know the delicious difference until you try some!


Some herbs that grow well in the summer are thyme, basil, mint and oregano to name just a few. Herbs sold at Boulder Farmer’s Markets are much larger in quantity and also cheaper, it’s a win win! In addition to a long list of health benefits, herbs are also a fun and easy way to add some flavor to your meals. 

Pro Tip: Basil is a herb that’s loved by Italians and blends beautifully with cheese as a pizza topping. 

Mint is one of the most multi functional herbs and can be added into anything from water to salads to iced teas!

Now that you’re all set for some exciting summer foods and drinks, we hope you’re excited to take a leisurely stroll through your local Farmer’s Market! Your weekend errands have now turned into an exciting discovery of fresh produce, mingling with your community, and getting a chance to interact with the vendors who provide your food. 

In order to remain safe as markets slowly begin to open, we recommend you read a list of Boulder Farmer’s Market DOs and DONTs to best support your Boulder community.