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The Best Vendors at the Boulder Farmers Market

As the weather continues to warm, it’s time for one our favorite traditions: heading to the best vendors at the Boulder Farmers Market. From farmers to packaged goods to artisans to breweries, there’s an array of vendors waiting to share their stories and local goods with you.

Farmer: Black Cat Farm

We’ve written about Black Cat Farm Table Bistro before, but did you know they attend each Boulder Farmers Market with their local product and meat selections? Black Cat Farm focuses on closing the loop in the local food system and a sustainable farming model, which is something we can all support.

Packaged Goods: Five Points Fermentation Company

Five Points Fermentation Company began as an ally with local farmers and Colorado’s native microbes for the good of the community. They believe we deserve to be healthy and happy by enjoying fermented foods and educating the community on the benefits of fermentation.

We highly recommend their Kombu Kimchi, Beet-Chee and their small batch kombucha. It’s fermented from fine whole leaf teas, mountain spring water, and raw local honey.

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Artisan: Mountain Time Soap Shop

Make sure to stop by Mountain Time Soap Shop’s booth for artisan soap made from nature, not a lab. This zero waste company is also a part of 1% for the Planet, which means they donate 1% of their sales every year to help protect the environment.

But there’s something better than their small-batch soaps: the Adventure Soap Club. Choose your desired quantity and variety of soap as well as the frequency, and save money on regular soap deliveries. Enjoy the benefits of a subscription program while also supporting a local Colorado company!

Brewery: FATE Brewing Company

We always enjoy a brew from FATE Brewing Company, and they’re a go-to stop at the Boulder Farmers Market each week. Named one of the top 10 new breweries by Bon Appetit Magazine, FATE Brewing brings a unique take to the local craft beer scene in Boulder.

Their range of beer offers something for everyone, and is a definitely “must-see” each week.

Whether the Boulder Farmers Market is a weekly stop for you or a special outing, these are some of the best vendors available. These companies are committed to high-quality, locally-produced products and keep business in Boulder.

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Located on 13th Street between Canyon and Arapahoe on Saturday mornings and Wednesday evenings, the Boulder Farmers Market is a must-see for Boulder residents. (And it’s a five-minute drive from Peloton West!) For more information and a complete list of vendors, visit their website.