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The Best Bakeries in Boulder to Celebrate National Pie Day

Celebrated since the 1970s, National Pie Day has been an unofficial holiday for decades, and we’re proud that Boulder is home to some of the best bakeries.  With National Pie Day coming up on January 23, we wanted to make sure you are well prepared for the festivities. Here are the best bakeries in Boulder to help you celebrate.

Shamane’s Bake Shoppe

“Our love for food is as strong as our love for the community.” Shamane’s Bake Shoppe is locally owned and operated, bringing Boulder some of the best baked goods on the market. Pastry Chef Shamane Simmons bakes her pies, cakes, pastries, and other desserts from scratch, using a variety of locally produced ingredients and gluten-free options to give customers the highest quality baked goods possible.

Whether you’re in the mood for sweet or savory on January 23, Shamane’s has you covered. The Sweet Potato Chocolate Ginger Pie, Lemon Blueberry Cream Pie, and the Chorizo Cheddar Pie are just a few of the creative pies you can find there. In addition to her store, you can also find her delicious treats at the Boulder Farmer’s Market every Saturday and various days of the week.

Lucky’s Bakehouse and Creamery

Known to have one of the best Key Lime Pies on the market, Lucky’s Bakehouse and Creamery is a must-have in Boulder. Lucky’s prides themselves on its small in-house batches to ensure every pastry is made fresh with the best ingredients possible.

Lucky’s Market, created by two local chefs Trish and Bo Sharon in 2003, was started in hopes to bring Colorado a natural food store unlike any other. After their market took off, they expanded their efforts to bring all sorts of naturally made goods to the community.

Other favorites on the menu include the Chocolate Caramel Tart and the Seasonal Cream Pie.

Boulder Baked

Boulder Baked is a local favorite when it comes to cookies, cakes, comfort food, and other baked goods. Started by a University of Colorado alumni in 2003, Boulder Bakery has been serving the community, especially CU students, ever since.

From comforting pot pies to cream pies and fruit crisps, Boulder Baked has everything you could want and need to celebrate National Pie Day. They even offer a  daily delivery service, making it easy for customers to send tasty care packages to fellow CU students or family members.

The Chocolate Chess Pie, Caramel Apple, and Pecan Pie are just a few go-to pies on the menu.

My Mom’s Pie

With recipes passed down and perfected through four generations, My Mom’s Pie has a menu full of classics everyone is sure to enjoy. The owner, Kini Christie, has brought her family’s creations to life for all of Boulder to enjoy.

Available in 3”, 6”, and 9” sizes, there’s a variety and portion fit for everyone’s wants and needs. Kini aims to have the best customer service in town by fulfilling special requests ahead of time. ,  We recommend tasting the Butterscotch pie, Bourbon Pecan pie, and Bumbleberry pie for a few unique flavors you can’t find anywhere else.

No matter where you go in Boulder to celebrate National Pie Day, it’s safe to say you’re in for a real treat! From fruity and cream filled desserts to chocolate drizzled and chorizo-stuffed pies, Boulder’s bakeries have something on the menu everyone is sure to love. Make sure to call the bakery of your choice ahead of time for Pie Day specials!