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Summer Meals That Don’t Require Oven Time

Summertime means having the sun out shining in all its glory. Although that may be ideal for a beach day, when it comes  to cooking, hot days mean having to figure out meals that don’t require too much heat but also taste good. With our list of summer meals, you can enjoy fresh, delicious and healthy foods without the extra heat!

Smoked Salmon

Even on days that are cool, you can never have enough smoked salmon. So the fact that it has no cook time and is perfect for summer is just a plus. Smoked salmon egg sandwiches are a perfect brunch item that is easy to make, aesthetically pleasing and so tasty. You can make a smoked salmon sandwich in either bread or cut a croissant in half and make it extra fancy. If you want Boulder’s scenic views to go with your food with, take your brunch on the go and enjoy a picnic at Boulder’s spacious parks

Style Your Salad

Don’t let the S word make you think eating healthy is boring. You can dress up your salads with all your favorite fruits/vegetables to make it more to your liking and filling. Start off with some mixed greens and chopped tomatoes and onions. For extra flavor you can add things like sliced carrots and radishes. If salads alone don’t satisfy your summer cravings, you can add some turkey or chickpeas for some protein. And if you like a little crunch, add some walnuts. Strawberries, peaches and pomegranates are a great touch for some sweetness. 

For the freshest salad ingredients, take a stroll through Boulder’s Farmer’s Market every Saturday. 

Wrap It Up

Make your lunch/dinner more fun with wraps. Wraps are a great choice for summer because you can pretty much put anything you like in a tortilla and call it a day. An easy option for your wrap is tuna. The prep time for a tuna wrap is very minimal and can satisfy your seafood craving while still keeping you full. For some added crunch to your wrap, add chopped celery, green onions and red peppers. To ensure your wrap isn’t too dry add some mayo/mustard or any topping of your choice. 

Beat the heat and take a lap around Peloton West’s rooftop pool before indulging in your meal, because everything tastes better poolside! 

Pita Party 

Along with being one of the lightest from the bread family, pita bread is also low in calories. Cut your pita bread in pocket halves and add cooked steak or chicken breast for your filling. For a Mediterranean feel, add some sliced cucumber, chopped tomatoes and olives. Drizzle some olive oil or dressing on top for added flavor. If you want to go a step further, squeeze half a lemon over your filling for some zest.

Need an after lunch activity, take a walk tour down Pearl Street and get inspired by Boulder’s vivacious art community.

When the sun is glaring in from your window, the last thing you want to do is add more heat by cooking. From mouth watering salads to hearty wraps, these meals are perfect for keeping you cool on hot summer nights. These delicious and easy to make meals are your guide to eating healthy this summer with much less effort. Sit back, relax and enjoy our summer favorites during these warm times!