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Summer 2020 Home Decor Ideas

Summer in Boulder means weeks ahead of sunny days in the high 80s. As things brighten up in Boulder,the ambiance and decor of your home should too. Introducing light but lively colors to your home decor will let you and your guests feel the warmth of summer. Read on for a few ways you can bring the sunshine into your home:

Create a Boulder Beach

If you’re like us, you’ll find any excuse you can to get your feet in the sand. There’s no such thing as sunny days without the Boulder beaches and now you can bring the best summer atmosphere into your home. Bringing a beachy atmosphere to a room in your home doesn’t mean you’ll need to completely redecorate. All you need to do is add a few items that are gray or light blue toned. For example, if you have any white furniture, some turquoise or deep blue pillows or a throw can help create a beach vibe. You can also add some starfish/seashell decor pieces on the wall or as a statement piece on your bedside table or dining room table. 

These beach decor pieces will make you hear the waves right from your couch!

Bright Florals

If you’re feeling a bit uninspired lately when it comes to home decor, or you simply don’t have enough time to decorate, you can add some bright floral arrangements throughout your home. Adding colorful and luscious green florals will instantly brighten up your living space and is the perfect spring/summer decor piece. You can place your florals in any neutral color vase to ensure the focus stays on the bright colors. Placing your lively arrangement near the entryway of your home or by a wall will make it more noticeable and allow the color to pop more.

Find the perfect vase with these Boulder home brands that have everything you need and more!

Wind Chimes

During the summer, we’re all about creating a relaxing and calming atmosphere through the decor in our homes. And, as much as we love the sunshine in Boulder, we also love our breezes. Summer evenings are the perfect time to enjoy some time on the patio listening to sounds that soothe your mind. Adding a wind chime to your patio will create a relaxing space for you to come to at the end of the day and will complete your summer decor.

Summer Wall Art

While decorating for the summer, make sure your walls feel some of the summer love as well. Empty walls can leave a home looking bland, no matter how much decor you add to other areas. Bold colored art pieces are a quick and easy way to add some life to your walls. Bright blues, pinks and yellows are the perfect representation of summer/spring for your home.

If you need art inspiration, check out the plenty of Boulder art galleries to get your creative juices flowing. 

A Welcoming Wreath

Summer decor isn’t just for inside your home, you can decorate the outside as well. Give your Boulder neighbors a taste of summer by placing a floral wreath on your door. You don’t need to wait for a holiday to display a wreath outside your home, and summer is the perfect time to add some vibrant colors to your door. If you can’t find a piece that you love for summer, start with a simple twig wreath and add bold colored flowers of your choice to it. This is guaranteed to bring some life to the outside of your home.

The best part about decorating for summer is that every room can have its own summer personality. You can go anywhere from bold and beautiful to calm and relaxing. With these few simple steps,creating a cozy and welcoming aura for your home while staying in tune with your theme has never been easier. Of course, this summer decor would not be possible without sunshine so don’t forget to open your drapes and let the bright Boulder air in!