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Quick and Easy Ways to Make Your Home A Winter Wonderland

The holidays are upon us!

To us, the holiday season means spending time with loved ones, relaxing by the cozy fire, and of course, making our home decor merry and bright to match our holiday spirit.

After what has been a tumultuous year for us all, decorating for the season is a great way to decompress and enjoy some well-deserved feelings of merriness and joy. 

But, decorating can sometimes become expensive or time-consuming. However, there are some ways to avoid falling into Christmas decor debt keep reading for some quick and easy DIY holiday decor projects to help create a winter wonderland within your home. 

Winterize your coffee table

Embellishing your coffee table with a festive centerpiece is one of the quickest, least expensive, and easiest ways to instantly bring the winter and holiday vibes indoors. And, as a bonus, you might have everything to make this classy and merry arrangement already at home. 

Start by arranging a few white candles and tea lights of varying height on a dish. Then, add a few different-sized Christmas tree ornaments to the dish. Finish the centerpiece with a few pinecones (no trips to the craft store required here, just grab a few pinecones off the ground on your next outdoor walk!) 

Recycle wrapping paper into paper trees

This DIY is not only adorable and wondrously wintery, but it’s also environmentally friendly! 

Instead of tossing leftover gift wrap, newspapers, or magazines, fold them accordion-style and tape the folded paper into a cone shape to look like a Christmas tree. Top the “tree” with an origami star. Find a tutorial for how to make one here

 Whether you dot your dressers and tables with these decorative paper trees or string them on a transparent string and use them as wall decor, this is such a great Earth-friendly holiday decor craft. 

Turn couch pillows into presents

This holiday DIY is about as simple as it gets— all you’ll need is your couch pillows and leftover gift-wrapping ribbon.

Simply “wrap” your pillows with the ribbon to make them appear like gifts. This is such an easy way to turn your living room into a scene reminiscent of Santa’s workshop. Pro decorating tip: we love wrapping each pillow in a different but complementary colored ribbon to create a cozy and homey ambiance. 

a white pillow is tied with a red ribbon to look like a holiday present
Photo Credits: Midwest Living Magazine

Make these glowing tin can Hanukkah luminaries

Celebrate the light of Hanukkah with these beautiful DIY and environmentally friendly luminaries. 

First, soak recycled tin cans (remember to save those cranberry sauce and gravy cans!) in hot water and soap to remove the labels, then paint them with blue acrylic paint. If you want your luminaries to have a matte finish, simply add a tablespoon or two of baking soda to the paint. 

Then, carefully heat a metal skewer with a lighter or blowdryer, then poke holes in the can in the shape of the Star of David. Finish by adding lit tea lights into the cans. 

These gently glowing luminaries are the perfect DIY to help your home’s ambiance feel ready for Hanukkah. 

Two tin can Hanukkah luminaries with the Star of David on them glowing from within.


We hope these fun and festive DIY holiday decor ideas help you kickstart your holiday season!