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Our Favorite Winter Cocktails: 2020 Edition

It’s the first week of the new year and if you’re lucky enough to have the week off, we have the perfect indoor activity for you to ring in 2020 with — that’s right, we’re talking homemade cocktails — and the best part? The recipes below allow making the drink just as fun as actually drinking it. 

So get extra warm by the fire with your coziest blanket and try one (or all) of these tasty cocktail recipes. If you’re participating in dry January, these recipes can be non-alcoholic too, just remove the liqueur from the ingredient list!

The Pom Pom | via GOOP

The Mojito just got a whole lot merrier. Extending the Christmas cheer into the new year comes in the form of this refreshing but festive cocktail, featuring Whisky, pomegranate juice, mint, and ginger beer. Make two just for you or share with a loved one.

Step 1:

Place mint leaves in a cocktail shaker and muddle to release oils. Add DEWAR’S 12 Blended Scotch Whisky, pomegranate juice, and ice and shake for 30 seconds.

Step 2:

Strain into a rocks or highball glass with ice, top with ginger beer, and garnish with a sprig of mint, a wedge of lime, and pomegranate seeds (optional).

Fig Bourbon Cider Smash | via Half Baked Harvest

This bourbon recipe is for those who like their drinks with a bit of extra heat. Fresh apple cider, figs, some orange zest, and a healthy helping of bourbon is just what the new year ordered. The ultimate cozy cocktail has arrived.

Step 1:

In a cocktail shaker, combine the apple cider, orange zest, orange juice, fig preserves, bourbon, and balsamic vinegar, if using. Shake to combine.

Step 2:

Strain into a glass filled with ice. Top off with sparkling water and garnish with a fresh fig.

Spiced Hot Whisky Cider | via The Chriselle Factor

Last but not least, a Spiced Hot Whisky Cider. Now, warm cocktails usually aren’t that great, but this recipe hits your tastebuds differently. The recipe calls for some sugar, spice, whiskey and zero ice. It’s antioxidant rich, helps fight inflammation and infections, and can even help soothe a sore throat! This cocktail is truly comfort in a glass. 

Step 1:

In a medium saucepan, combine the apple cider, maple syrup, cinnamon, cloves, and cayenne. Bring to a simmer over medium heat and then reduce the heat to low and simmer 15- 20 minutes. Remove from the heat and stir in the whiskey and lemon juice. Taste, add in more maple syrup if a sweeter cocktail is desired.

Step 2:

If desired, strain out the spices. Divide the cider among glasses. Garnish with cinnamon sticks and star anise.

So which cocktail is calling your name? Whichever recipe you decide to try out, we hope that you celebrate the new year with more laughter and joy than the last. 

For more delicious recipes check out our blog, Warm and Cozy Winter Recipes. Cheers!