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New Year, New Home: Our Top Tips for Your Home in 2020

You know what they say, “Happy home, healthy life.” — and for those of you moving into a new home in the new year, 2020 is going to be a big one. Set up your space for success and settle in with these helpful tips.

Detoxify Your Home


Did you know that Indoor air tends to be more polluted than outdoor air? It’s important to ventilate your space and allow clean, fresh air to flow through. You can also supplement this by purchasing an air purifier; we love the Molekule.

Additionally, doormats make a significant difference when it comes to tracking in dirt from your shoes, and a no-shoe policy also helps keep toxic debris out of your home. Apply one or apply them all, but just to be safe, we suggest taking the latter.

Money, Money, Money, Moneeeeey


A money plant that is. Pachira aquatica, also popularly known in feng shui as the ‘money plant’, is taking over 2020 as it favors fortune through it’s good luck energy.

The great thing about this plant is that it’s also perfect for new plant owners. Indirect light and infrequent watering make this green friend a great choice for those moving into a new home. Especially while your mind is preoccupied with unpacking and figuring out which way the bed should be positioned.

Clear the Clutter


Whether that means installing an organizational system in your new closet or Marie Kondo-ing all your Christmas decorations, taking steps to prevent clutter can help save you from potential migraines and even get you out the door earlier and to work on time.

We like to practice this both pre and post-packing. Make sure every item has it’s home. That means no shoving things under the bed or dumping things into a “miscellaneous drawer”. If you don’t need it, let it go, if you do, then make sure it has a home.

First-Day Box


It’s your first day in your new home. The movers just left, and you’re up to your neck in plastic-wrapped furniture and boxes. You’d unpack, but all you can think about doing is taking a nice long shower followed by a very deep sleep. That’s why we recommend packing a “First-Day Box”.

This box should be filled with all the essentials— toilet paper, paper towels, an extension cord, a table lamp, first-aid kit, water, a few snacks, and the coziest blanket you have in your arsenal. Comfort first, chaos later. First days are never easy.

Carve Out a Cave


More often than not, we take home the craziness from our busy lives, so it’s important that your home has a place where you can unplug. Some have a relaxation nook others have a zen garden.

Make this space unique to you and useable by all members of your family. They (including yourself) will thank you later.

From clearing the clutter to creating a nook to decompress, you can create a home that will help you reach those 2020 goals in a space you can call your own.