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How to Turn Your Patio into an Outside Oasis

When you think of enjoying a mini getaway after a grueling week of work, it’s often a resort by the beach or somewhere you would have to travel to. What you might forget is that the perfect getaway sometimes lies right in your own backyard. A patio is a perfect place to create an oasis where you can relax and enjoy some much needed me time, you simply have to dress up your deck!

Plan Your Vision 

As with any transformation in a home, the first step to changing a room is envisioning a room. Think about what kind of patio you want to walk into when you’re trying to relax. Do you want a lot of greenery? Do you want to hear calming sounds to put your mind at ease? Perhaps a mini bar? The more you think about what exact vibe you want your oasis to be, the easier it will be for you to find all the right items without being overwhelmed.

Be Shady

Patios are a great place to get some fresh air and scenic Boulder views, but that can also come with direct sunlight which can be bothersome at times. To take full advantage of your patio, create some shade for sun relief. Plant trees are a great way to add shade to a small space, not to mention the more eco-friendly choice. Adding some greenery to your patio can provide a sense of nature and calmness. Plants can also be used to create privacy if you feel your patio is a bit too open for display. Another easy option is to add an umbrella to your patio. Umbrellas will give you the option of choosing a specific color if you want it to be an extension of your interior space.


Whether it’s a sofa, chair, or even a hammock, the furniture in your patio can change the whole vibe. If you want your patio theme to be a relaxing place where you can put your legs up after a long day, consider a sofa or an outdoor recliner chair with cool tones such as gray or beige. You can also add pillows and a rug to add a splash of color. Accessorizing your patio will bring some life to it and also makes it more inviting for your guests to spend some time there as well. 

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Light it Up

If you have days where you’re a night owl, sometimes staying indoors only keeps you up longer. If you need a midnight stress relief, you can still enjoy your patio, simply add some lights. Just a few string lights can create a bright but warm atmosphere to your space. You can hang your lights across your patio or even longways on a plant or railing. You can find string lights in multiple different sizes to fit your patio needs.

Creating an oasis isn’t achieved overnight, so remember to start out by envisioning what you want. With the right mix of plants, furniture, and detailing, your patio has the potential to become your own personal sanctuary. Whether it’s used for hosting or to wind down, transforming your patio into your new vision with these simple steps will have you making excuses to stay home…even during a quarantine!