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How to Turn Your Living Room Into a Spooky Movie Theater

Halloween might look a little different this year. But, just because the experience will have to be adapted, this doesn’t mean that you’ll have to sacrifice soaking up any of the spooky vibes! 

And, if you’re like us, the cool Boulder weather in October will make you want to stay bundled up and cozy at home anyway. 

So, what better way to celebrate safely than creating a spooky Halloween theater right in the comfort of your own living room? 

Whether you’re planning a family-friendly extravaganza or a spooktacular date night, creating an at-home Halloween movie theater is a great way to host a wickedly wonderful celebration. Read on for some DIY ideas for creating a Halloween theater at home. 

Set The Scene 

The first thing you’ll need to do to transform your living room into a haunted theater is to decorate the space accordingly.

Start by winding some synthetic spider webs from the ceiling, around your furniture, and across the windows. Doing so is an easy and eye-catching way to instantly make your living room a spooky cinephile’s paradise. 

Pro tip: weaving plastic spiders into the webs are a creepy spine-tingling touch!

Next, accent the space. Stack small piles of books and stage tea lights on top of the books to give off an evil lair-esque, dungeon feel. Then, dot the room with fresh or fake pumpkins for a color pop of festive flair.  

If you want to enhance the experience even more, consider blackout curtains or draping the walls in black fabric to create a dark and sinister ambiance.

Ta-da! Now you have a perfectly decorated home theater fit for a movie-loving ghoul or goblin.  

An ambiant living room movie theater with two girls, one laying on a couch and one laying on the ground

Make it Cozy

Once you’ve decorated the living room theater to your liking, make it cozy and functional.

We recommend creating a tiny and comfy “haunted house” right in the middle of your new theater in the form of a floor fort. Put two chairs on either side of your couch, and drape blankets over the whole structure. Lay some twinkly lights on top of the fort to give it a moonlit glow. 

The finishing touch is to fill the fort with plenty of pillows and blankets to stay warm and comfortable.

Bonus points if you have any Halloween-themed pillows – and here’s a quick DIY for a spooky spider pillow if not.

Hovel decorated with garland for children's party at home

Try a Projector

Does your current TV not pack the punch of that ultimate movie theater experience? Not a problem. Consider investing in an at-home projector. 

Projectors are a great way to elevate your Halloween movie night. Projectors offer a big screen experience, and a chance to just make the movie night feel a little bit more special. 

And, Peloton’s residences come with plenty of wall space – the perfect backdrop for a larger-than-life projected movie!

Here’s a guide for picking the perfect projector for your space.

family mother father and children watching projector, TV, movies with popcorn in the evening at home

All in all..

Just because Halloween will have to be different this year doesn’t mean it’ll be any less festive! We hope you and your family will be able to celebrate the spooky season in a safe and enjoyable way. Stay healthy and haunted, Peloton family!