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How to Bounce Back from your Thanksgiving Food Coma

You’ve just finished your second, or third, helping of Thanksgiving dinner. After licking every last crumb of grandma’s homemade pumpkin pie off your plate, you loosen your belt, curl up on the couch, and fall into a nice, yet slightly painful, food coma. 

Don’t get us wrong, the food coma is worth every bite, but the only feeling more satisfying is the post-Thanksgiving food coma bounce back. Here are the best ways to get yourself back on track after an evening of indulging.

Drink Lemon Water and Herbal Tea 

Cozying up with a cup of hot cocoa topped with marshmallows is always a good idea, but if you’re looking to detox your digestive system after all the Thanksgiving treats, warm lemon water and herbal teas are a great way to support your system. 

Warm lemon water and herbal teas help to stimulate your agni, which is the entity in our bodies that will jump start the digestive system and help to prevent the build-up of toxins in your body. 

Eat Lots of Colorful, Fibrous Foods 

Eating lots of fiber-rich foods will help you to get your digestive system back on track after the Thanksgiving carb overload. When it comes to vegetables, generally the darker the color, the higher the fiber content. Broccoli, kale, and brussels sprouts are the perfect veggies to incorporate into your meals to increase your fiber intake. When it comes to fruits, berries are the best way to go.

Take A Post Thanksgiving Stroll

The best thing to do when you feel so full you can’t move, is move! Throw on your favorite knit scarf and sweater and go outside, feel the fresh air, and get moving. Walking after a meal can aid in food digestion (or help you make room for another slice of pie), but to make sure you don’t get a side ache, wait two to three hours after your meal.

Get Back To A Normal Eating Routine

When you wake up the morning after your Thanksgiving feast, as hard as it may be, don’t dive into the leftover pie and other goodies. The faster you can get back to your regular routine, the better you’ll feel. Now don’t get us wrong, leftovers are the best part about Thanksgiving! Try to portion them out so you’re not eating a full feast for a week straight. Add some leftover turkey into your salad, and enjoy a little stuffing on the side.

Avoid Acidic Foods and Drinks 

You just indulged in tons of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and who knows what else. While it’s always worth it, it’s safe to say the endless supply of Thanksgiving food may be a little much for your stomach to handle, so take it easy on the acids. Avoid coffee, carbonated beverages, and any other acidic foods that can disrupt your stomach for a couple of days to help avoid acid reflux and heartburn. 

Alkaline foods such as avocados, nuts, and fish are a great way to get your digestive system back on track.

Sleep… Eventually 

This is what we mean by food coma. You just stuffed yourself to your heart’s content, and nothing sounds better than a nice, long nap, but don’t! Going to sleep right after a big meal can often lead to heartburn and acid reflux. So, hold out, socialize with your friends and family, watch your first Christmas movie of the season, and get a full night’s sleep so you can wake up feeling refreshed, and hopefully a little less stuffed!

The holidays, especially Thanksgiving, are made for  enjoying good food, so don’t stress! It’s important to enjoy quality time and food with your family and loved ones. After the family leaves, focus on getting yourself back on track. Don’t let your food coma control you this season. A cup of hot tea, a quick stroll through the neighborhood, and a good night’s rest can do wonders.