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Healthy Practices to Keep in Mind

In the past few months, the world around us has had to adjust to the overwhelming outbreak of coronavirus. In an effort to contain it from spreading, many businesses have been functioning remotely, while many communities have been taking the appropriate precautions by practicing social distancing.

At Peloton West, we strongly believe in ensuring the best for our residents and will continue to provide the best services we can, in a safe manner. To help do our part, we’ve prepared a list of a few healthy practices that you can master while at home.

Wash Your Hands!

With any cold or flu, washing your hands is a fast and easy way to prevent germs from spreading. The WHO (World Health Organization) suggests that you lather your hands in soap thoroughly, and scrub them for at least 20 seconds before rinsing. It is important to remember that your hands can become the carrier of this virus very easily so try not to touch any other area on your body, especially your face, until they have been washed. It is recommended to use soap that is alcohol based as it is known to be the best for killing germs.

Cover Your Cough

A common transmission of any flu is through respiratory droplets. These can be transmitted when a person coughs or sneezes (without covering their mouth) while another person is nearby. The easiest way to prevent this from happening is to be mindful of where, and how you’re coughing. Try to cough into your elbow or on to clothing, rather than on to your hands. This will help prevent it from spreading. Something as simple as covering your cough can go a long way when it comes to prevention. 

Social Distancing

As coronavirus has spread rapidly across America and continues to do so, it is crucial that we come together and prevent this battle in unity with empathy for those around us. We encourage you to stay at home as much as possible in order to prevent the spreading of this virus as quickly as we can.

Keep in mind that the symptoms for coronavirus can go unnoticed for 10 days after you have already been introduced to it. This means you may not be aware that you have it, and unintentionally give it to someone else. This is why a key step to prevention is to practice social distancing and only go out for essential needs.

Treat Yourself

While it may be difficult to focus on ourselves in the midst of this health scare, don’t forget to eat healthy and drink lots of fluids. Exercising at home and preparing healthy meals are an important factor to staying strong and healthy.

Don’t forget, the first step to taking care of others is to take care of yourself!

Don’t Panic, Be Precautious!

Our last piece of advice to you may be the most important one. When things seem a bit crazy and you feel like it’s hard to take control, it’s important to remember that panicking will only make things worse. Try to follow these simple practices listed above to remain your strongest at this time. And lastly, stay calm, focus on work and talk to your family/friends to let them know you’re thinking of them. 

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In the interim, the sales team is available by email, phone and virtual tours only.  Thanks for your understanding and patience as we work through health and safety concerns related to COVID-19.


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