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COVID-19 Approved Activities in Boulder

As we go through some of the hottest weeks of the year in Boulder, we find a new appreciation for air conditioning…but there’s only so long we can stay indoors. Thankfully, with careful consideration of safety and by maintaining social distancing rules, restaurants and other areas in Boulder are starting to open up again so we can enjoy some time under the sun with our loved ones. Keep on reading for our list of COVID-19 approved activities in Boulder.

The Perfect Boulder Stroll

We’ll be the first to admit it, there just isn’t anything quite like taking a stroll outside on a summer evening – pandemic or not. Whether it’s going out just to get some fresh air or a date night, Pearl Street never disappoints. Fortunately, as of May 2020, many retailers and restaurants in Boulder have gradually begun to open up and are adhering to COVID-19 safety guidelines. So you can feel free to shop or walk around to your heart’s content! We can say that one positive thing about our current situation is the numerous options that are now available to us. Some local retailers in Boulder are offering curbside pickup and delivery, so don’t forget to check out your options before shopping.

Dining in Boulder

If you’re wondering if your favorite restaurant in Boulder is open, they most likely are. Restaurants are now able to serve customers indoors at 50% capacity, as with most states. In addition to indoor dining, restaurants are also making use of outdoor seating to allow more people to relax and enjoy their food fresh. Boulder has taken all the necessary steps so that you are able to dine-in safely and get back a little sense of normalcy. If you need a mid-day break and want to step out for brunch, visit Dry Storage on Arapahoe Ave for some yummy avocado toast and freshly made drinks. But, if an Italian indulgence after work hours is more your thing, Basta is the perfect place for you! 

Hotels and Spas in Boulder 

Sometimes, we want to get away from life for a while, but not have to go anywhere too far. Getting a change of scenery from your normal routine can be a great refresher for your body and mind, and also bring back your focus. The good news is that hotels and spas have reopened in Boulder and are now cleaner than ever. Local hotels and inns have been following a rigorous routine to ensure the safety of all Boulder residents who come to stay for a relaxing time. So whether you’re looking to get your work done in a new place or just want to book a relaxing weekend at a spa away from the city noise, Boulder’s hotels have your covered. 

Eldorado Canyon State Park 

Last but certainly not least, what is Boulder without our beautiful mountain views in all its glory? If you want a more exciting summer activity, Eldorado Canyon State Park is where you’ll find it. Lined with stunning views of mountains, waterfalls and our beautiful city, a walk or hike in this park is one every Boulder resident should experience at least once, even if it’s with a mask. As parking gets filled up quickly, Boulder now offers a free weekend shuttle to Eldo to save you the trouble. Now that’s what we call community spirit!

2020 has been different than what any of us could’ve imagined, but as businesses slowly start to open up, we are hopeful to get life as we knew it back. While dining or shopping may not look exactly as it used to, it’s still fun and much needed to get out of the house a while and remind yourself of the beautiful Boulder views that surround you. With our list of safe activities, we’re sure you’ll have no problem doing just that!