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Our Top Picks at the Boulder Int’l Film Festival

Our Top Picks at the Boulder International Film Festival 2018

The Boulder International Film Festival is a yearly event that brings not just great films, but arts and culture as well. With a diverse lineup of films, technology, and cuisine from February 22-25, it’s one the best events of the year. Events are both free and paid, and offers some great Boulder date night options.

BIFF’s Virtual Reality

Our first top pick isn’t actually a movie. It’s their VR experience station. Boulder International Film Festival is fully embracing advancing technology, and the VR station is a go-to stop between films.

In its second year, the experience will showcase gear, VR-compatible movies, and a panel with those in the industry. To check out all the VR fun, head to Galvanize as 1023 Walnut St. It’s free and should definitely make your list!

Gabriel and the Mountain

Making its US premiere, “Gabriel and the Mountain” was a winner at Cannes, Lima and Sao Paulo International Film Festivals. Directed by Fellipe Gamarano Barbosa, the story follows Gabriel Buchmann, a Brazilian backpacker who was found dead on top of a mountain in Africa.

Barbosa created this film as a tribute to his friend as he sought to re-create the last 70 days of Buchmann’s life. What makes this film so intriguing is Barbosa’s use of the people themselves, instead of hiring actors. (João Zappa played Buchmann.)

This thought-provoking film is playing on February 24, at 7:15 at Boulder High. You can purchase tickets here.

BIFF’s CineChef Competition

Colorado’s top chefs will be competing in CineChef, a “Top Chef”-style competition on Friday, February 23. The audience determines not just the winner, but the winning city as well. Billed as a friendly and creative cooking competition, we’re looking forward to seeing the excitement!

Each city has four chefs competing. Boulder’s competitors include Michael Gibney, executive chef and partner at Emmerson and Eric Skokan, executive chef, owner, and farmer for Black Cat and Bramble and Hare.

CineChef is open to the public and is located at Rembrandt Yard. Tickets are $95, and benefit BIFF.

While the Boulder International Film Festival means our town is bustling with visitors, it’s also the perfect opportunity to experience films we typically don’t have the opportunity to see. The organization also focuses on culture and technology, giving locals the chance to experience a variety of arts-related events. For more information or to purchase tickets, the Boulder International Film Festival website has everything you need.