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Best Boulder Takeout for Every Mood

If there’s one thing Boulder is not lacking, it’s diverse cuisine!

Boulder has everything on its menu, from health-conscious eateries to hearty home-style joints. We know it’s hard not to want to cook every meal at home when you have such a beautiful kitchen at your fingertips. But, sometimes it’s okay to take a break from being a chef and enjoy a good Boulder experience with some of our favorite takeout spots. 

 Thrive – For the Healthy Eater 

Everyday we wake up wanting to feel our best self. To some that might look like a 5 mile run, and to others it may mean indulging in a healthy, gluten-free meal. For those that prefer to indulge, Thrive is a great place to get your eat on, and will leave you feeling like your health is back on track.

The secret to Thrive’s delicious meals? Spring water. This Boulder health spot uses spring water in the recipes because it provides cleaner and tastier food. We recommend giving their salads or smoothies a try!

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Hacienda Colorado – For the Mexican Eater 

For those that have a special place in their heart for tacos, Hacienda Colorado was made for you! Hacienda Colorado prides itself on serving authentic Mexican food with a “Rocky Mountain twist”. You can enjoy mouth-watering tacos, enchiladas, quesadillas, and much more with any of their 11 freshly-made sauces that are prepared daily. Don’t forget to order a margarita made with freshly squeezed lime!

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Zeal – For the Casual Eater

New restaurant alert! We believe that weekends are for catching up with your family and friends over avocado toast. Zeal’s owners, Wayde and Chelsea, formerly owned Zeal Boulder Farmer’s Market Cart for many years. Recently, they decided to make their freshly made meals more accessible to Boulder residents. If you haven’t already, support your local Boulder community and visit Zeal for a yummy brunch.

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Il Pastaio – For the Italian Eater 

Let’s be honest, there’s never a bad time to indulge in some delicious, hearty pasta. At Il Pastaio, you can experience authentic Italian cuisine right from the comfort of your couch through their easy take-out option. So, whether it’s creamy pasta you’re craving or a flavorful ravioli, Il Pastaio will leave your stomach happy and your plate clean. With their handmade pastas and sauces, you can create your own little Italy right at home.

Kalita – For the Greek Eater 

Located in the heart of Boulder, Kalita, which means “beautiful” in Greek, will prepare meals for you that embody their namesake. As a family owned business, Kalita serves some of the best homestyle Greek favorites, such as salads and gyros, with a side of extra care for their customers. If you’re looking to change up your dinner routine, Kalita will guarantee you mouth-watering food and dessert, with a smile.

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Deciding what to eat, whether it’s brunch or dinner, can sometimes take longer than the time you’ll spend actually eating your meal. So, to save you some time going back and forth between the restaurants you already frequent, we’ve made a list of unique places that might be your new favorite. All of the restaurants listed above follow strict COVID guidelines and are available for takeout. With this many cuisines to choose from, it’s safe to say no other city satisfies a diverse palette like Boulder.