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5 Tips for Choosing the Best Living Room Furniture

One of the best parts about moving into a new place is filling it with new furniture. The living room is arguably one of the most important rooms in a  home. It’s where you entertain guests, relax after a long day, and spend quality time with your loved ones.

Of course, we all have our dream homes fully furnished on our Pinterest boards, but there’s more to focus on than just style. Here are five tips for choosing the best living room furniture for your space.

Plan Your Space

First and foremost, it’s important to plan before you begin furniture shopping. There’s nothing worse than purchasing all of your favorite restoration hardware pieces only to find out that they don’t fit. Start by drawing out the area and take measurements of each wall.

When deciding on the layout, we recommend using the fireplace or a mounted TV, as a central point of the room and base the furniture around that item. This will help when visualizing the space and ultimately bring the room to life.

Start With The Basics

While plush white sofas and pretty pink velvet chairs are in style, they’re not always the most realistic choices for spaces like a living room. A living room should feel comfortable and cozy, which is why purchasing quality pieces are so important. If you have pets and children,  we don’t recommend purchasing furniture that will easily tear or stain.

Choose fabrics and materials that can withstand Cheeto fingers and dirty paws so you don’t feel stressed in a room that is meant to bring you peace and comfort. Here are a few materials we recommend:


Wool is comfortable year round and is a natural dirt repellent.


Leather is durable but can stretch and crease over time.

Cotton Blends

Cotton blends are hard wearing and easy to clean.

Choose a Theme

Choosing a theme for your living room is the perfect way to add a personal touch to the space. A living room should reflect your style, while still fitting the style of the rest of your home. Here are a few of the most common interior design themes:



If you’re a fan of neutral tones and sleek lines, contemporary style is for you. More often than traditional woods, you’ll see metals, glass, or marble pieces to accompany your furniture.

(Image: drivingcreekcafe.com)


If you prefer a more formal and elegant look, traditional is a good choice for your living room. This would include dark woods, rolled arms on your sofas and chairs, and rich colors such as burgundy, brown, and deep blues.

(Image: homedit.com)



Cute, cozy, and comfortable all fit the casual living room aesthetic. Light greys with pops of red, yellow, and blue brighten the room and add a little more flare to the simplistic furniture choices. The casual style is the most realistic choice for many because you can find quality pieces at an affordable price.

(Image: sasininteriors.net)



If you love paneled wood and ‘good vibes’ throw pillows, a farmhouse style living room is the perfect look for you. The colors are simple whites, greys, and browns. The real eye-catchers are the added accents such as art, plants, and rugs.

(Image: crismatec.com)


Have A Variety Of Pieces

Sofas and chairs aren’t the only pieces of furniture that should be included in your living room. Having a variety of pieces is what makes it unique and gives the space depth. Coffee tables commonly mark the center of the room and make the space more inviting for socializing.

Proper storage is the best way to keep the room tidy and open. We recommend adding shelving units to free up space and create more storage. Lamps, side tables, wall art, and succulents are also ideal when creating that ‘homey’ feel to your space.

Add Accents And Personal Touches

No matter what your living room theme may be, accent pieces are what tie the space together and make it your own. Floor lamps are a great way to brighten up a room and add an elegant touch to the space. Additionally, side tables, centerpieces, and accent chairs are great additions to the room.  Crate and Barrel has a variety of accents that are worth checking out.


It’s important to love the space you live in. While style is essential, quality, functionality, and size are other factors to consider when furniture shopping. Follow these five tips to make sure you’re creating a space that’s both relaxing and realistic for all of your wants and needs.