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Top Tips for Maximizing Your Kitchen Storage

Kitchen space is precious, especially if you enjoy cooking and have different tools and gadgets.

Organizing your kitchen storage is also beneficial for spices and dry goods. No one wants to have packages fall on them when opening cabinets! Whether you prefer to buy in bulk or need space for your coffee stash, these tips will help you maximize your kitchen storage.

Use Woven Bins for Aesthetically Pleasing Storage

Woven bins are an ideal way to increase kitchen storage and keep it neat. These are great for additional pantry space, or can be used in your pantry to help keep everything organized. Because they’re opaque, the contents are hidden. And because they’re organized according to contents, you can quickly grab what you need.

We love the aesthetic of these paper tags labeling each bin.

kitchen storage

Utilize Your Kitchen’s Backsplash

Your kitchen’s backsplash is the perfect spot for some added storage. Many kitchens have knife blocks, but that can take up extra room needed for food preparation. Instead, you can install a magnetic knife strip to the backsplash as a compact and out of the way solution. (We recommend finding another solution if you have young children that may be able to access the counter.)

The Container Store has a bamboo model for a polished finish.

kitchen storage - mag knife strip

Another vertical storage solution is to install a wall-mounted pot rack, like this one from Wayfair. Then, hang mugs from this rod with S hooks. It’s also the perfect way to show off your mug collection while allowing for easy access.

kitchen storage - mug rack

Use Matching or Stacking Containers for Pantry Storage

With all the different types of packaging available today, it’s easy for pantries to get crowded and messy. Instead of trying to stack different types of boxes and bags, transfer your dry goods to matching containers.

kitchen storage - OXO

Some love the mason jar look, while others use stackable food storage containers like OXO containers. This will also help keep food fresh due to the tighter seal.

kitchen storage

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With the right planning, kitchen storage doesn’t need to be a headache. These kitchen organization tips also helps you buy in bulk if desired, which minimizes shopping trips. By maximizing the storage you do have with a few thoughtful purchases, you can create a kitchen you’ll love using.

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