Neighborhood | Peloton West

Perfect for that single track mind

Hiking in Chautauqua. Cruising on Pearl Street. Drinking craft brews at Fate. We know that you live here to be out there. And Peloton West gives you easy access to everything you love.

Fresh mountain air and then some

Boulder is known for its easy access to all things outdoors. With world-class cycling, rock climbing and hiking just moments away, there’s a pretty good reason Peloton West has plenty of storage room for your toys.

Location is everything

Cruise down the Boulder Creek Path right outside Peloton West and arrive at the Boulder Farmers market in under 10 minutes. Open Saturday mornings and Wednesday evenings, it’s the perfect excuse for a night out–Boulder style.

Peloton West is the perfect hub for taking in the very best Boulder has to offer.