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Our Favorite Local Breweries in Boulder

Our Favorite Local Breweries in Boulder

We’re lucky to have a number of great local breweries in Boulder, and each has its own unique take on both beer and dining. From FATE Brewing Company located on the ground floor of Peloton West to Upslope Brewing Company, we think you’ll love these breweries for an after work drink or a casual date night.

FATE Brewing Company

FATE Brewing Company is an award-winning brewery located next to Peloton West. They offer a diverse beer offering and a full menu, making this one of the our favorite local breweries in Boulder.

FATE’s mission is to share their passion for craft beer and delicious food with the community, and they’re known for their service. This take on beer and community is something everyone needs to experience in Boulder!

Avery Brewing

Avery Brewing not only brews great beer, but they also have a delicious menu and outdoor seating. Their beers range from pale ales to sours to a double IPA. This diverse offering means that anyone in your group can find a beer they enjoy!
Avery Brewing also offer tours, so you can see how their beer gets to your glass.

Upslope Brewing Company

If local beer is more your style after a long day of work, then you need to visit Upslope Brewing Company. Many visitors say their IPA is one of the best they’ve ever had, though they have also created an excellent Pale Ale.
Upslope Brewing Company also offers a flight of six beers, ideal for your first visit. Located in North Boulder, this brewery is near a business park — but don’t let that seemingly odd location stop you from visiting.

Whether you’re looking for a local brewery in Boulder to take guests to or a place to relax after a long week, these are the ones to check out. We love the passion Boulder has for great craft beer, and think you’ll enjoy these as much as we do!