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3 Renovation Ideas for Your Spare Room

3 Renovation Ideas for Your Spare Room

Renovating your spare room opens up an array of ideas, from ways to work better or to make it welcoming to guests. Whether you’re looking for a brand new room with paint, adding built-in shelves, or hunting down just the perfect furniture, these are just a few renovation ideas for your spare room.

Creating a Home Office

A home office can be so much more than a desk in the corner and a bookshelf against the wall. You want your home office to be an oasis where focus reigns and distractions are minimized. And a great view of the Flatirons is a bonus!

To create an oasis, focus on what brings you comfort. Creativity is best seen when we feel comfortable, which is why this is so important for a home office. Whether you’re a developer or an artist, renovating your spare room into an oasis can be just what you need.

We love this Zona Etagere Bookcase; the perfect way to organize your books and pieces of inspiration.

Create a Media or Game Room

Renovating your spare room into a media or game room means you have just the spot to gather with friends. If you’re a movie buff, you’ll want comfy seats for everyone, and a creative way to organize your movie collection.

If board games are more your style, creating a game room can keep your other living areas clean and organized. A dedicated game space is also ideal for parties, where one group may want to play a game while others want to catch up around a bottle of wine.

This accent shelf offers a space to store your favorites for easy access or display your collection of vintage games.

Creating a Guest Retreat

While a spare room is often used as a guest bedroom, with a little creativity you can turn your extra room into more: a guest retreat. You just may not be able to get your guests to leave! Focus on creating a homey environment with artwork, comfortable bedding, and a place to store their belongings. A calming paint color can add the boost your spare room needs.

Leaving a basket with toiletries on the vanity can replace anything they forgot, and helps create a welcoming atmosphere. Depending on how long your guests are staying, creating this cozy space can help them settle in and give them a place to call their own while traveling.

This Dobson Mid Century Server doesn’t need to stay in the dining area. This is a perfect way for your guests to store their belongings during their stay.

When it comes to creating a home that’s true to your unique style, it’s all about making changes that are both useful and aesthetic. These renovation ideas can be just what you need to create your dream home, whether it’s a media room for friend movie nights or an oasis for out of town guests.

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